Monday, December 24, 2007

Shannon and Juliet and the Christmas Surprise

One day Shannon and his sister Juliet were setting up for Christmas. First they decorated the Christmas tree. They put decorations inside the house. They put their notes to Santa and cookies and milk. They put on lights and decorations on the outside of the house.
Then it was night time. They changed into their pajamas. They brushed their teeth. They said good night. They read a book and fell fast asleep.
The next morning they woke up. They brushed their teeth. They said good morning. They woke up their dad. They went down stairs.
They said, “What’s for breakfast mom?” She said, “Pancakes”.
They were excited. Shannon screamed that it was almost Christmas. Juliet said she wanted a pony for Christmas. It is almost Christmas. They loved it.
The day went by. They ate lunch. Juliet and Shannon wanted to go to their friend Nicky’s house. They all played together. They ate dinner. Then Juliet and Shannon went home.
When they got home they were tired. Before they asked for a snack they fell asleep. Their mom woke them up. They brushed their teeth, said good night and changed into their pajamas. They fell asleep.
The next morning it was Christmas Eve. They invited their friends and relatives. They all drank grape juice. They ate gingerbread cookies. Then they left.
But their friends didn’t leave. They were going to have a play date until the night. They were excited. They would make more gingerbread cookies together. They could check the chimney if Santa was coming.
They played a lot of things. It was great. It was the best Christmas ever. It was Christmas.
They stopped the play date. All of their relatives, friends, and neighbors were coming to their house. They were having a Christmas party. It was going to be fun! After the party, they would celebrate Christmas with their family.
They started the party. They danced, sang ate, and did many other things. It was the party of their lives. They had fun. Everyone left.
Now they would celebrate Christmas with their family. The children looked under their Christmas tree. They saw four presents! They opened them. They read the name tags and split them up between Shannon and Juliet.
Shannon opened one gift. He got a robot! Juliet opened her gift. She got a butter scotch play pony! Shannon then opened his other gift.
It was underwear! Juliet opened hers. She got a party dress! Shannon was mad. But there was one more gift for him.
Shannon said it was for him. Juliet said it was for her. They kept arguing. Then their dad opened it… It was a cute little doggy! It was for both of them.
They got a Christmas surprise! And it was a dog. They hugged their parents. They said thank you. Their parents said, “Your Welcome!”
Shannon and Juliet played with their dog. Shannon taught it magic tricks. Juliet played fetch with it. They had fun. Was it a boy or girl?
They decide on a girl. Her name was Christmas. They decided on that name because they got her on Christmas. They were excited to live with the dog. Juliet and her mother were excited to shop for the dog!
They invited everyone to see their dog. Everyone liked her. They asked Juliet and Shannon questions. The dog sat on a pillow. It looked beautiful.
Soon they all left. Someone asked if they could keep the dog. Shannon said no. So did Juliet. They had fun.

That was the best Christmas in Shannon and Juliet’s life. By the way Shannon is nine and Juliet is eight. They loved every Christmas. They lived merrily ever after. Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Scarecrow’s Adventure

One day a scarecrow hung on a wooden stick. His name was Frank. People called him Frankie. Frankie had a dream. He wished to see the world.

One day Frankie fell of his stick. He could walk and talk. What if Farmer Brown saw him? He tried to get back on. He couldn’t.

He went to hide. Good Farmer Brown didn’t see him. He started on his journey. He went to a dessert. He found a lonely camel.

He started to ride it like the wind across the sandy dessert. He found a couple of poor men. He fed them corn, bread and eggs. Then he found another couple of men burning a fire. He ran away from them because he was afraid of fire.

He crossed the dessert and saw a stream. He started to drink from it. It was good and cold. He saw large mountains. He climbed them.

He reached the top of the mountain. He was happy. He saw the world. He was on top of Mt. Everest. He climbed down.

But he didn’t know how. He said that he shouldn’t have climbed Mt. Everest. A bird came swooping down. Her name was Viola. She said she would help him get down the big mountain.

He got to the bottom. He was embarrassed because he needed help. He thanked the bird. She had already left. He went past the men burning a fire.

He passed the poor men. He got out of the dessert. He went to the barn. He ran to the stick. He climbed on the stick.

Then he fell asleep. The next morning he remembered his adventure in the night. Then he did his duty. He loved his night. He would never forget that day.

The End.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beware of the Haunted House on the Hill!

One day, a girl named Victoria invited her friends. Howie, Lucy, Jack, Eric, Melody and Clara. She said that they were going to the haunted house on the hill. They all were scared. Victoria said, “Are you guys scardy cats?” Even she was scared.
So they went to the haunted house. They knocked on the door. No answer. No one was at home. The door was open so they went in.
Next thing they heard screeching noises. They were frightened. Then suddenly they fell into a trap. There was another hallway down there. They found stairs. They climbed the stairs. It led back up. They found a window dripping with blood. They saw rain. Jack and Eric said, “Aw, we won’t be able to leave this creepy place.”
It was Halloween night. They were trapped. They found a sign saying “Blood Pool”. Eric, Jack and Howie said, “Let’s go swimming in the pool.” Melody said, “But it’s a blood pool!” Victoria calmed them down. “Let’s see if the water is blue. If it is, then we’ll go swimming.”
They went inside. It was blue. They went swimming. Melody and Clara stayed outside. They thought red blood was below the clear, pure, blue water.
Howie, Lucy, Jack, Eric and Victoria drowned. Victoria held onto the gutter. She helped everyone. Eric said, “Wow! That was like a whirlpool!” They went into the hall again.
Eric said, “Look I found the kitchen.” Jack was about to eat a hamburger when Lucy screamed, “Wait! It might be bloody and poisonous!” Jack took it away from his lips. He said, “Phew!” He thanked Lucy. She said, “You’re welcome!”
They went to the hallway again. They found a sign. It said “Graveyard.” They went inside. They saw Rest-In-Peace signs everywhere. Eric touched one of them.
They heard a noise. Then in the flash of an eye, there were zombies and mummies everywhere chasing them. They ran for their lives. Suddenly the zombies and the mummies were gone. They all were frightened.
They ran out of the haunted house and didn’t stop until they reached Victoria’s house. They all got inside. They warmed up with hot cocoa. They were shivering. They didn’t want to see that haunted house ever again.